Monday, June 9, 2008

Another Google Analytics Post: The Top Ten Posts Of This Blog For The Past Month

I'm not sure if posting information from Google Analytics about my blog is interesting to my readers (if not, please tell me), but I thought I would post the top ten posts (in number of views) of this past month. The top ten posts are:

  1. Here's An Interesting Article ... (with 71 views)

  2. Things Handed Down: Traits and Characteristics (with 47 views)

  3. FamilySearch Labs Adds More Databases To Record Search (with 31 views)

  4. And Other Genealogy And History News That I Forgot To Mention (with 20 views)

  5. 7th Edition of the Carnival of Central and Eastern European Genealogy (with 15 views)

  6. At The Beach ... and Speaking of Funny Place Names ... (tied with 13 views)

  7. Tombstone Maker Website; My New Year's Resolutions: Five Months Later; 49th Edition of the Carnival of Genealogy Posted!; and Just Wanted Everyone To Know ... (all tied with 10 views)
  8. So, What Does It Mean To Be Irish? (with 9 views)
  9. This Week's Genealogy and History News ...; 65th Carnival of History Posted!; Ancient History (search label); and Carnival of Central and Eastern European Genealogy (all tied with 8 views)
  10. My Family and the Great Depression ...; 6th Edition of the Carnival of Central and Eastern European Genealogy; Family History Center Research Update; Genealogy And History News of the Past Week Or So; and A New Poll Created! (all tied with 7 views)

Well, that sums up this list of posts. To those who read my blog, thank you for reading.

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