Saturday, August 9, 2008

What This Blog Is About ...

As one of the tasks in the "Write, Write, Write" category, I have to write a post explaining what my blog is about. I do not believe I have ever actually written a post explaining my blog, so here is what my blog is about:

Jessica's Genejournal is a blog that deals with genealogy and genealogical research, and history and historical research. Most of my posts will deal with my personal research, whether it is in history or genealogy (with most of the historical research intertwined with researching my ancestry), although I will post reviews on genealogy and history books that I have read. In addition, I also post links to news articles that deal with history, whether it be on historical research or an archaeological find. I also post on genealogy news, genealogy issues, and my thoughts about genealogy news. I also write the Genealogy and History Thoughts Columns where I try to deal with historical issues and problems, experiences in my research, and of course, my opinions on current events or issues in genealogy.

I also write entries for at least four carnivals. So far, most of those carnivals have been genealogy carnivals, but I intend to also write posts some day for one or two of the history carnivals. One of the genealogy carnivals that I frequently participate in is the Carnival of Central and Eastern European Genealogy, which I also host on my blog.

In short, my blog deals mostly with genealogy and history.

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